Missing in Mexico (and missing Mexico!)

Courtyard in San Angel, Mexico City...an oasis of loveliness

Courtyard in San Angel, Mexico City…an oasis of loveliness

Holy moly! It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my poor lonely little blog! I have no good reason except life kinda got in the way (as it tends to do…) I went to Mexico in February to celebrate my brother’s birthday and visit a friend. Oh, the city is so very lovely. Sure, there’s quite a bit of graffiti and a little bit of wear and tear, but the buildings! and the parks! Love. I have dubbed Coyoacan my “new favorite place in the world.” There’s a zocalo there, surrounded by lots of lovely restaurants and outdoor seating and we planted ourselves for a good few hours, enjoying the mild summer-like weather, the people-watching, and of course, some tequila. I could’ve stayed there for the rest of my life and died happy.

Renee + tamarind margarita in Coyoacan = VERY HAPPY RENEE

While I was sitting there, I realized I was really having a yoga moment! Sure, I wasn’t practicing asana, but I was FULLY present. I wasn’t thinking about the past or the future. I was feeling the air on my skin. I was letting my eyes take in the color, the movement. I tasted that tangy-sweet tamarind margarita and the salty-crunchy queso fundido con chapulines. I had great conversation and lots of laughter and couldn’t imagine anything else. It was beautiful. Who knew I would find a moment like that in a city of over 20 million?

If you can find presence there, you can find it anywhere.

Four Days ‘Til San Francisco!


Pretty “painted ladies” in SF

Only four more days til the Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco! I’m looking forward to studying with new teachers and learning much more about yoga therapy from Gary Kraftsow, whom I may want to study with in more depth after I finish my yoga teacher training. I also look forward to catching up with old friends and marveling at the crazy hills. San Francisco, here I come!

My Mat

Happy little travel mat

Happy little travel mat

Oh, I know this is exciting stuff, but every yogi/ni practices on some sort of surface, and most western yogi/nis practice on a mat. I had 3 mats prior to my most recent birthday, now I have 4, with the addition of the Manduka Eko SuperLite Travel Mat. I have used it several times since and I enjoy it for the most part. I can vouch that it lives up to its name. It is indeed a lite travel mat (2 lbs, but FOLDABLE!!) I love that I can chuck it in my backpack, which is very handy, as I travel via public transit in Chicago. Nothing like constantly bumping into people with a regular rolled up mat. Also, I work in an office and there’s something that makes me feel horribly guilty when I’m leaving at the end of the day…with a yoga mat. It just makes me feel like a slacker. I’m sure I should get over that.

Ok, onto the pros and cons.


  • Sticky surface (unless you’re sweating, in which case, there’s a little slippage)
  • Did I mention foldable? Love.
  • Nice colors
  • Full size mat


  • Oh, the rubber smell…I can’t wait til it wears off. Til then, I was reminded to think of happy rubber trees instead of toxic plastics.
  • Very thin (not a horrible con, unless you like a thicker mat. I usually throw mine on top of the studio mats, which is a great idea because I don’t like having my face on someone’s foot funk when I’m in child’s pose.)
  • Slightly slippery when wet

All in all, I’m very happy with my new mat!