About Me

I was first introduced to yoga at a young age but it wasn’t until I was in my mid-30s that I really begin to practice seriously.

Yoga wasn’t even a blip on my radar until I was working at a media agency in the mid 2000s. One of our vendors brought in a personal trainer to help us define our fitness goals and adamantly suggested we take at least ONE yoga class. Armed with my free-class pass, I took my first power yoga class at the now-defunct Crunch gym in Chicago. Despite the fact that I thought I was going to die holding Down Dog and pretty much belly flopped on my mat during chaturanga, something about it captivated my interest in a way that most other ‘fitness programs’ haven’t. I returned to class over and over again, drawn like a magnet to the gains I was making in strength and flexibility and amazed by the incredible sense of calm that followed a rigorous class.

Eventually my focus shifted from the purely physical practice to an awareness of the powerful transformation I was experiencing on a personal, emotional level. I began to take a scholarly approach as I devoured as much information from as many sources as I could find. I developed a desire to teach about 3 years in, but it wasn’t until after another 3 that I took the plunge and completed my 200 hour certification.

Throughout my journey, I have been inspired by many teachers and have been fortunate enough to study with some of my most influential, especially the incredibly knowledgeable Gary Kraftsow and the wonderfully down-to-earth Jason Crandell and Kathryn Budig. The common theme that I have absorbed from these three teachers is that yoga isn’t about the pose, it is about the JOURNEY to get there. This philosophy has greatly impacted me and I hope to pay it forward to my students. My teaching style is influenced by hatha, tantra and viniyoga and is accessible for novices and experienced yogis alike.

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